Vulnerability Details

Feed Type Docker
Title CVE-2017-7245
Description Stack-based buffer overflow in the pcre32_copy_substring function in pcre_get.c in libpcre1 in PCRE 8.40 allows remote attackers to cause a denial of service (WRITE of size 4) or possibly have unspecified other impact via a crafted file.

Severity: Negligible
More Information:

Namespace: debian:9
Feature: pcre3
Feature Version: 2:8.39-3
Fixed By Version:
Container Layer Hash sha256:48839397421a64189661c2b86a34eb515d09a28204587a2b06b59df9f6e2d786
Source Clair
Assessment Ignore by apapadimoulis@inedo.local on 7/1/2020 1:32:04 AM
Expiration 9/29/2020 1:32:04 AM (90 days from assessment)


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