Vulnerability Details

Feed Type Docker
Title CVE-2019-14855
Description A flaw was found in the way certificate signatures could be forged using collisions found in the SHA-1 algorithm. An attacker could use this weakness to create forged certificate signatures. This issue affects GnuPG versions before 2.2.18.

Severity: Low
More Information:

Namespace: debian:10
Feature: gnupg2
Feature Version: 2.2.12-1+deb10u1
Fixed By Version:
Container Layer Hash sha256:d121f8d1c4128ebc1e95e5bfad90a0189b84eadbbb2fbaad20cbb26d20b2c8a2
Source Clair
Assessment Ignore by gdivis@inedo.local on 9/16/2020 9:48:36 AM
Expiration 12/15/2020 8:48:36 AM (90 days from assessment)


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